• Campaign

Completed: Fall 2017

For this campaign, our class partnered with Fox Sports University to create a campaign that will be a selling point for the renewal of the longstanding Auburn University-Verizon Wireless corporate partnership.

The goal of this campaign is to show the Auburn family that Verizon connects them through “more than just their networks.” Specifically, our idea is to invite Auburn fans to a Verizon-sponsored mobile RV tailgate on Auburn’s campus. At this tailgate we will ask visitors to participate in a contest where we will interview them asking one simple question; “How has your favorite memory of Auburn connected you to the Auburn Family for the rest of your life?”

Our campaign includes our own research data, an executive summary, objective section, a full-length discussion of our concept, a strategy for its execution and a means for evaluating its success. In addition, we created a sample budget, press release, audio news release, social media posts, promotional materials and video concept. To read our campaign strategy in its entirety, please click to the left.